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Fr. Rodney Kissinger, S.J. has been a Jesuit for over 74 years and a priest for over 63 years. His seasoned spirituality is the fruit of more than 60 years of making and giving the Spiritual Exercises in all of its formats to priests, religious and laity. It is presented not in the jargon of academia but in a language that everyone can understand. He is neither “old breed” nor “new breed,” he is just “half breed.” Having studied both the old theology and the new theology he is convinced that the continuity is so great that you cannot understand the new until you have mastered the old.

This week's featured reading is Fr. Rodney's booklet, Liturgy of the Heart, Volume 1 - Prayer

Countless writings today underline the urgency for our modern world, in all of its hustle and bustle, to rediscover the value of meditation, silence and prayer. Secular man has become aware of how little power he has, in spite of all the power that he does have. Faced with war, pollution, racial strife, violence and hatred he realizes that there are demonic forces at work that may destroy him unless some superior power intervenes.

Prayer which is acknowledging our dependence does not come easy to secular man who wants to be independent. Yet he feels his contingency, his limitations, and his desire for the necessary and the ultimate. No matter how marvelous his control over the forces of nature, the powers of life and death still escape his control, and he knows deep in his heart that they always will. It is through prayer that he can genuinely express his conviction about his origin and his destiny and the inner possibility of self-realization and authentic deliverance from his fundamental impotency.

So there is a great interest in prayer today. Not so long ago we left prayer for work. Our work became our prayer. Production and achievement determined our value and our success. Some of us even became workaholics. Now, with crisis after crisis facing us here and abroad, we realize that we have labored all night and caught nothing.

So we have returned to prayer. Not that we are neglecting our work. It is not a question of work or prayer but of both work and prayer. Now we realize that the most effective and productive work is that which is the fruit of prayer. We are no longer contemptible in action but contemplative in action.

Strange as it may seem, the interest in prayer today is not so much in prayer as an exercise of religion, the interest is in the effect of prayer. Some use prayer as a means of personal health and happiness. Others see prayer as a means of developing their human potential; as a means of success in athletics, business, politics or in the social world. Still others see prayer as a welcome relief from the tensions of the hustle and bustle of the daily rat race. All of these benefits are, of course, a by-product, a marvelous side effect, of communicating with God, our first beginning and our last end. The Sermon on the Mount teaches us, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things will be given to you besides.” Matt. 6:33 CLICK HERE for the entire chapter.


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God's Sense of Humor and Sixty Other Homilies is a collection of homilies that have been delivered by Fr. Rodney Kissinger, S.J. over the years to address many of the issues faced by Christians in contemporary society. This document is available as a Kindle EBook that can be purchased at the Kindle store for $2.99.

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Fr. Rodney has spent most of his priestly life giving the Spiritual Exercises, as a preached retreat, a guided retreat, the personally directed retreat, the 19th annotation retreat and the email retreat. The Joy of the Spiritual Exercises is the fruit of these retreats condensed into a single EBook. As Fr. Rodney states, "Pope Francis exhorts us to proclaim “The Joy of the Gospel.” The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius is a proclamation of the joy of the Gospel." This document is available as a Kindle EBook that can be purchased at the Kindle store for $2.99.

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A compilation of many of his booklets in a single document named Divine Simplicity. This document is available as a Kindle EBook that can be purchased at the Kindle store for $2.99.

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